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October 27 - November 4

Max Doyle, who wants be the world’s greatest magician, is being haunted by two ghosts who love to play tricks. Max's invisible new friends cause chaos at his magic show at school. But things take a spooky turn when Max finds out they're being chased by an evil ghost — and it’s up to Max to help them escape a haunting fate!


January      19 - 27

From her dazzling ice palace, the frigid Snow Queen sends her goblin to steal the human boy Kay, whose laughter, songs, and games will warm her frozen home. Armed with only her faith and her grandmother’s special song, Gerda sets out to save him in this touching fairy tale about the importance of family and friendship. 


June 8 - 16

In a book report gone wrong, a boy finds himself in a strange place between Oz and Wonderland. He must unscramble the stories and steer the familiar characters like the Cowardly Lion, the Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow and the White Rabbit to their ultimate destinations. Can he avoid the Wicked Witch and the Red Queen?


August       10 - 18

Miss Nelson’s class is the worst-behaved in the whole school. But the naughty boys and girls start to regret their wicked ways when a scary substitute named Viola Swamp takes control. The search is on for Miss Nelson. Hopefully the students of Room 207 can find her before it’s too late!


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